Hello!  I'm Niketa, a licensed clinical psychologist in San Francisco, CA.

I specialize in working with underrepresented populations in SF, particularly in tech.  This includes women, people of color, LGBTQ folk, first- and second-generation immigrants, first-generation college goers, and more.  I'm dedicated to empowering others, particularly those that come from marginalized populations.  I help individuals navigate the complexities of holding various identities simultaneously.

Part of my passion for working with underrepresented individuals is personal – my family emigrated from India to North Carolina when I was young.  As you might guess, there weren’t a lot of other brown kids around when I was growing up.  Thus, I became intimately acquainted with the challenges of occupying the role of “other,” and often struggled with my own identity.  As I've gotten older, I've embraced parts of me that I once felt I needed to hide.  I am now grateful for my experiences as a woman, and a person of color.  My aim is to help others who may be struggling with difficulties of their own.   

To learn more about my clinical approach and professional experience, please see here.  

Taking the Next Step

Engaging in psychotherapy is a powerful way to invest in yourself and your growth.  I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation, in which I will ask you some questions to learn what is motivating you to seek help, and you can ask me any questions you have.  Together we will decide if it makes sense to move forward and meet in person.  My office is located in downtown San Francisco, right off the Montgomery BART station.

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